The Company

Bathill Capital Limited, a Multinational information technology service provider, with head office in Lagos, Nigeria. We are committed to delivering high quality and innovative solutions to improve business results and bring about evolution in the development of information technology.

A unique information technology company: Bathill Capital Limited, was established at the dawn of the new millennium. Through the economic downturn, Bathill Capital Limited has demonstrated outstanding growth attributed to her dedicated focus on delivering solutions centric around Customer’s Business Process requirements.

Bathill Capital Limited is specialized in transformation of Information technology and business services to serve Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, Construction companies, Manufacturing companies, Education institutions and e-commerce verticals.

Core Values

 Adequate Planning

Regardless of the minute brieng, steps are not taken without a graphical representation of the scope. At this, changes in requirement can be accommodated and maintenance cost kept low. We plan by identifying the scope, boundaries and interfaces of the project.

 Best Practice

In the world of multiple choices, we opt for the best option. Best in our world is dened by the balance of acceptable standards, client requirements and cost constraints, with standard compliance being weighty.


Guided by the standard principles we consider every client be treated as differently and special as the client requirement standard


By knowing and understanding our business, our team becomes an extension of your team, ensuring success through real, problem-solving solutions.


It is a vital, primary and core dimension of the success of any project we undertake.

Our Vision

To bring about evolution in the development of Information Technology, contribute in raising standards, cost effectiveness and bridging cultural gaps while creating wealth for our stakeholders.

Our Mission

To continuously raise the bar in the delivery of Information Technology services that meet quality standards, performance and budget of our clients while reducing maintenance and support requirements to the barest minimum.

Over the years, we have seen these values manifest and gained outstanding experience delivering quality solutions and services to a wide range of discerning clients, gathering a considerable knowledge base working on projects, with a solid team of software engineers, analyst and programmers with an average of 15years experimental practice committed to producing products and services of the highest quality. Today, we offer these resources and experience to help lower maintenance and amend cost; reduce operation cost, downtime and improve productivity; increase operating efficiency and achieve better returns on assets. Bathill Capital Limited continues to grow, with a strong reputation for delivering high quality, fully integrated systems and solutions.

The Key: We have always understood the need to provide better services at competitive prices. We place emphasis on continuous process improvement and are poised to reach quality levels that set new standards in the industry. Our primary goal is to bring about evolution in the development of information technology and make life become less manual and hassle-free for our customers.